Overwatch remains one of the most addicting online games with 25 playable characters under different categories (offense, defense, tank, and support heroes) and 11 non-playable characters. Soon, a new hero will dominate against a ton of enemies.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch recently delivered one piece of good news and one piece of bad news for loyal players: Good: A new hero is in the works. This hero is going to be an addition to the playable characters. Bad: It’s going to take a while.

Jeffrey Kaplan says ‘Overwatch’ is releasing 26th hero

One of the directors and visionaries of the “Overwatch, Jeffrey Kaplan, spoke in an interview to confirm this news that there is going to be a hero number 26. Apparently, the new character is designed to be internally fun but no news yet on which category he or she belongs.

Hero 26 is already amazing,” said Kaplan. “I do not think there's such a thing as too many heroes, but I think we also need to come out with heroes at a good pace, he added.

Kaplan also included some details on how "Overwatch" became the game as it is. It started from a canceled MMO project before it went on to gain more players around the world.

But with more players comes more harassing individuals.

This remained true in many gaming communities as well. Sexual harassment, verbal abuse, altercations, and trolling are just a few. Blizzard Entertainment also addressed the issue through Kaplan.

Developer gives an update about the game

BE recently released a developer update to inform players how to combat toxic behaviors in the community.

Unlike their previous videos, which usually contains cool upgrades, the latest involved Kaplan saying “Today, I would like to address an issue that I think a lot of us has been feeling for some time. And that’s sort of the rising type of toxicity or bad behavior in the game versus what are we, Blizzard, going to do about it and what are we, as a community together, going to do about it.”

He revealed that the issue is slowing the game’s development because they had to set up the reporting features and punishments.

The video did raise awareness in the community though. But professionals in the online harassment field thought that this issue was supposed to be raised before the game was released.

Although the process of applying the no-harassment rule in the game is going to take some time in the improvement of Overwatch, BE is expected to continue evolving their community for good.