Overwatch,” like any other game today has its own list of bugs and glitches. Blizzard is continuously dealing with different kinds of issues in the popular first-person shooter. There are bugs in several heroes that turned characters from fan-favorite heroes to seldom used in plays. Aside from this, other bugs are causing the players to spawn in the enemy’s area. Recently, however, a player noticed a bug in the game that instead of causing frustrations is rather helpful.

New bug

On Reddit, a user named Muizcracklin shared a helpful bug he found in “Overwatch.” This bug enables players to get a preview of the different kinds of skins of golden weapons before purchasing them.

This is very helpful, and players can now make informed decisions, which was previously not possible.

The latest information was received with mixed reactions by the community. There are some players claiming that the Redditor is just tricking the community into believing that there is a bug when in reality there is none. What is believed to be a bug is just a fast way of using the cursor. One player comments that the feature is available on the Xbox One version of the game. Some others thanked the Redditor for the new information that they too could use in the game.

How to activate the bug

Another user named Wengzan shares tips and steps on how to activate the bug in the game. According to the Redditor, the player must first click on the weapon while in the process of trying to purchase a new one.

After that, click on Golden and choose the Skins tab when it is about to fade out. The user adds that the Skins button can be clicked until the animation intended for the particular weapon displayed on-screen is finished.

These are the steps that the player needs to do to get the preview of the golden weapon skin.

The trick is just to be fast enough to click on the Skins button before it disappears. Some players are suggesting that this must be included as one of the features in the game. There is a good chance that the game developer might introduce this kind of feature in the future.

Junkertown and other details

Meanwhile, Blizzard recently announced that the new escort map in “Overwatch” would be released on the live servers on September 19.

Junkertown is set in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback. The Junk Queen rules it. This is the home base of Australian Junkers—Roadhog and Junkrat. Both characters are also featured in the latest Comic released by Blizzard.