The "Bachelor in Paradise" stars, Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan, were reportedly engaged during the series season finale production on Wednesday. E! News reported that Peth proposed to Taylor on Wednesday night and the entire cast has celebrated their special engagement. Several photos surfaced on social media and the happy couple was joined by their co-stars as they took the celebration out to Hyde Sunset in West Hollywood, California.

Engagement celebration

Nolan took to Instagram and shared some of the photos during the special engagement celebration.

On the caption, she wrote, "F A M I L Y," while referring it to her co-stars, Raven Gates, Alexis Waters, Dominique Alexis, and Jasmine Good.

E! News confirmed that Peth went out with his male friends like DeMario Jackson and Adam Gottschalk. Apparently, it was a night of fun as the entire "Bachelor in Paradise" nation celebrated their engagement.

Meanwhile, fans couldn't help but notice that there was no photo of the diamond engagement ring posted on Instagram yet. Reporters have learned that Peth has presented Nolan with a diamond ring with over three karats of diamonds on it. It was also revealed that Nolan's engagement ring cost more than $60,000.

Proposal airing

Since the "Bachelor in Paradise" season premiere, viewers had noticed the chemistry between Perth and Nolan.

Further, everyone also looks forward to the engagement proposal airing which should happen during the Season Finale on September 11 on ABC.

To recall, the couple first sparked their relationship in Mexico. Peth once shared that his fiancé really makes him happy especially when they are together. The "Bachelor in Paradise" actress also added that Peth is an ideal partner and she is definitely moving forward and loves him deeply.

During the series’ new season, the couple became one of the most-watched pairs in the show. According to Entertainment Tonight, most of their fans have seen how their relationship blossomed each week. On the other hand, they were also reportedly fighting with each other in one of the series episodes. Nevertheless, love won between the two of them.

Despite the recent scandal which hit the series back in June, the entire cast and crew have celebrated the soon-to-be union of the couple. Their fans wish them the best for their upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, "Bachelor in Paradise" continues to air on Mondays and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.