Mel B finally broke her silence after her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, accused her of alcohol and cocaine addiction. In his court's papers, the film producer cited his concern for the children's safety in the hands of the singer-songwriter.

Former Spice Girls accused of alcohol and drug addiction

Stephen Belafonte claimed Mel B had initially agreed to allow him to visit both his daughter and stepdaughter before the singer changed her mind and allegedly took Madison and Angel away from him the following day. "The biggest reason for my concern concerning the safety of the children was due to Petitioner's habitual and consistent addiction to and abuse of cocaine and alcohol," he wrote in his court papers.

He went on and accused Mel B of firing their nanny who had been looking after the children since 2010. The 42-year-old film producer cited he did not want his estranged wife to be left alone with the kids especially when she is drinking or using drugs.

He added that the nanny, their children, and their therapist saw how the singer's alcohol and Drug Addiction had affected their marriage that eventually led to their divorce. Stephen Belafonte described Mel B's alleged addiction as "a constant problem and issue" in their relationship.

The "Straight From the Projects" director explained that his request for stepparent visitation intends to ensure that the safety of his stepdaughter and to let her know that he did not abandon her regardless of what happened between him and her mother.

Singer counters drug allegations with abuse claims

Mel B, on the other hand, said she is putting her trust in the legal process which she said will reveal the truth behind her ex-husband's allegations. The former Spice Girls member told ET Online that she is trying to keep a tight-lipped on the issue for her children's sake.

The singer-songwriter filed for divorce from her second husband in March.

She was married to the film producer for about ten years and were blessed with one child. Mel B also shares an 18-year-old daughter with her first husband Jimmy Gulzar, while Angel is her child with Eddie Murphy.

The "For Once In My Life" artist claimed she was beaten and threatened by Stephen Belafonte all throughout their decade-long marriage.

Mel B said she had been trying to leave her then-husband since their first year together, however, the film producer reportedly threatened to release their intimate videos if she would ever leave.

Stephen Belafonte's lawyers denied these allegations and guaranteed that their client will file a response to these accusations.