DeMario Jackson made a public appearance ahead of "Bachelor in Paradise" premiere on August 24. It is worth noting that he was mired in a controversial scandal with fellow cast mate, Corinne Olympios, over an alleged misconduct while filming the fourth season of the dating program.

Inside 'Bachelor in Paradise' controversy

Last month, the production of "Bachelor in Paradise" in Mexico was temporarily halted after a producer complained about the on-set misconduct. Earlier reports stated that the two contestants had a steamy make-out session after an all-night of drinking.

All contestants of the ABC program were immediately sent home while the situation was being investigated. The dating show was eventually cleared from allegations and was given the green light to continue with the filming.

Corinne Olympios, on the other hand, claimed that she was the victim of the scandal and even planned to pursue her investigation of the case. Meanwhile, DeMario Jackson asked the "Bachelor in Paradise" team to release the video footage of the incident to reveal what happened.

The production team of the ABC show, however, has clarified that they will not be showing the scene that led to the temporary shutdown of the program.

'Bachelor in Paradise' resumes with the fourth season

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey considered the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal a "wake-up call" but guaranteed that the network has followed the right procedures in dealing the issue.

Chris Harrison, on the other hand, revealed that the opening episode of the fourth season will feature DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios' short-lived journey on the show.

He added that the production team has decided to immediately discuss the controversy before it could affect the entire season.

The host acknowledged that some viewers want to see what happened during those three days before the production was stopped. Hence, they are showing them when "Bachelor in Paradise" opens with its whole new season.

He, however, clarified that they will not be showing DeMario Jackson's controversial interaction with Corinne Olympios but assured that the viewers will "see more than enough" of what took place.

On Friday, DeMario Jackson was all smiles when he stepped out and delivered a message to the program. Although he did not say anything regarding the scandal, the outcast was then wearing a statement shirt that said, "Show the tape," written in all caps.

The controversial cast member has previously announced that he will no longer take part in "Bachelor in Paradise" to focus on himself after causing a massive scandal.