Ariana Grande has revealed a new collaboration with the fitness company Reebok. Reebok produces fitness and sports gear for people who want to be more active. Grande has signed a contract with the company and has already begun her work as a representative for their brand.

The singer is backing the brand

According to the Daily Mail, singer Ariana Grande is the latest celebrity who has signed up with Reebok. The singer has claimed that the brand makes her feel "inspired" and that she was excited to be a part of their representatives. Ariana Grande has released several images of herself geared up in Reebok wear on her Instagram account.

Most of the images that Ariana shared showed her and her dancers preparing for a number. Everyone in the number was wearing Reebok clothing including their t-shirts and sweaters. Grande was wearing a classic oversized Reebok sweatshirt with the logo clearly presented in the middle of the shirt. The singer donned her usual ponytail and shared the image with her 113 million Instagram followers.

In a report by Footwear News, it has been confirmed that Ariana Grande is not the first celebrity to sign with Reebok. The singer has now joined the ranks of fellow artist Selena Gomez and celebrity model Gigi Hadid. Grande is extremely excited to be working with the brand, and has wasted no time in revealing her campaign.

Grande opens up about the brand

According to Footwear News, Ariana Grande has shared her opinion of the Reebok brand. The singer has expressed that she loves everything that the brand stands for. She has stated that she herself is a huge advocate of self-expression and believes that Reebok stands for this. The singer claims that Reebok, also, encourages people to embrace who they are and this really sold her on becoming a representative for them.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Grande stated that she hopes to change the standards that are seen in sports beauty. The singer claimed that her campaign with Reebok is about one's beauty in fitness and hopes that her fans will be as inspired by the brand as she is.

Grande went on to explain that she feels a very maternal instinct for her fans and that she wants each and every one of them to be happy in their own skin.

Grande feels that Reebok, as a brand and company, stands strongly behind this message.

Ariana Grande has shared her opinion of the brand with her fans who will no doubt be running to stores to check out the fitness gear for themselves.