Donald Trump is set to appear at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, the media is sure to focus on the president as he makes his first appearance at the event since taking office earlier this year. After Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway spoke about Trump's trip during an interview on Fox News, she was quickly met with trolling on social media.

Conway on Trump

The election of Donald Trump caught many by surprise, and not just in the United States. Trump's victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been regarded as one of the biggest political upsets in recent memory, which sent shock-waves throughout the entire world.

In the nine months since taking office, the former host of "The Apprentice" has created a constant stream of controversy that follows him no matter where he goes. Whether it's his questionable rhetoric and social media habits, the ongoing Russian scandal, the in-fighting with his own Republican Party, or battles with Democrats, the billionaire real estate mogul can't seem to shake off what is taking place in Washington. On Monday, Trump is set to make an appearance art the General Assembly, with all eyes will be glued wondering what the United States president might say. Elaborating on the issue was Kellyanne Conway during a September 17 interview on Fox News.

Joining Fox News for an interview on Sunday morning was Kellyanne Conway who continued her defense of Donald Trump, while claiming the president will promote "peace" at the General Assembly.

"This country wants a leader who is tough on terrorism, is not going to coddle them. Who is not gonna apologize for America," Conway said. "You're gonna see that through President Trump's leadership at the United Nations General Assembly this week as well," she continued. "He will be promoting peace. He will be promoting prosperity.

And the president will be promoting sovereignty and accountability," Conway concluded.

Twitter reacts

Once the Fox News interview became available online, Kellyanne Conway quickly tweeted out a clip to her followers, which was met by an onslaught of backlash from her critics.

"He won't apologize for anything he says or does. But yet, he demands apologies from others for the slightest criticism," one Twitter user wrote, before calling Donald Trump a "snowflake."

"No but he should apologize TO America. And our allies and a ton of women he sexually assaulted &charities he never gave $ to after promising," another tweet read.

"Get off the apology wagon and grow up. His inner circle is so caught up in his propaganda they can't see past it," an additional social media user noted.

"We don't want him to apologize FOR America we EXPECT him to apologize TO America," yet another tweet added. The backlash continued as Donald Trump's critics appear ready to hit back once he appears at the General Assembly later this week.