Angelina Jolie was interviewed by Vanity Fair and the mother-of-six talked about how her Divorce from Brad Pitt has affected their family. She also revealed that she has Bell’s Palsy, a condition where a person’s facial nerves are damaged causing one side of his or her face to droop.

On her divorce from the actor

The 42-year-old actress has custody of their children and she said that it has been the most difficult time for them but they are all trying to do the best that they can to heal their family. The two had been together for 12 years but announced that they are getting a divorce last September.

This is the first time that Jolie really opened up about what happened and what led to the divorce. The actress said that things started to get difficult and they were having marital troubles when she was filming “First They Killed My Father” in Cambodia last year, People reported.

Chicago Tribune also said that the rumors regarding Pitt growing wary over the frequent traveling of their family led to the divorce were not true. Jolie noted that it was not the problem because frequent traveling is one of the many “wonderful opportunities we are able to give our children.” She did not reveal what was the compelling force that urged them to file for divorce but shared that since their separation, they still care for each other and care about their family so they are “both working towards the same goal.”

On her Bell’s Palsy condition

Jolie said that her Bell’s Palsy diagnosis came last year around the same time she was diagnosed with hypertension.

For her Bell’s Palsy condition, she said that she has since recovered from it and acupuncture helped her. She said that “women in families put themselves last until it manifests itself in their own health.”

The actress has always been open about her health. In the past, she revealed that she had preventative double mastectomy and had her ovaries removed later because she carries the BRCA1 gene mutation.

This made her highly at risk for breast and ovarian cancer thus the decision to undergo different surgeries.

Children have been brave over divorce

Jolie and Pitt share six children together; 15-year-old Maddox, 13-year-old Pax, 12-year-old Zahara, 10-year-old Shiloh, and their twins eight-year-old Vivienne and Knox. He said that they have been brave throughout the ordeal. The kids are healing from things in life but not the divorce itself. Jolie and Pitt are now working on co-parenting their kids.