The trailer for the controversial Netflix movie "First They Killed My Father" was released recently and can be watched online. The movie was directed by Angelina Jolie and is an adaptation of a memoir written by a survivor of the Pol Pot regime and the Khmer Rouge regime. The movie stars many unknown young actors as the harrowing survival story is told through motion picture.

'First They Killed My Father' plot

According to The Guardian, Angelina Jolie directed and produced the upcoming drama titled "First They Killed My Father." The movie has been adapted from the memoir by author Loung Ung who worked alongside actor Angelina Jolie on the script for the film.

Documentary filmmaker Rithy Panh also worked on the Netflix original movie.

"First They Killed My Father" focuses on the real life experiences of Loung Ung when she was a child growing up during the time of the Cambodian leader Pol Pot’s reign. When Ung's hometown is taken over her family is separated with her siblings being sent to labor camps while Ung is forced to become a child soldier.

The rule of Pol Pots is explored in depth in the Netflix movie "First They Killed My Father" as Ung and her family try to survive the ongoing genocide. The genocide was one of the worst of Cambodian history as it wiped out over one-quarter of the population.

The trailer was released online

The trailer begins with the character of Luang Ung dancing happily in her family home.

The scene then changes to the young girl looking out a window as a group of men with guns enter a building opposite of her family home and the sound of guns echoes in the background.

Commander Pol Pot begins his military regime and the citizens are rounded up in their masses and marched off to labor camps and to serve in the military as soldiers.

Ung looks on as the military forces attack those who do not work alongside the military. The people are then seen working for Pol Potts, cutting their hair and lining up for their first meal in days.

The most harrowing part of this trailer is seeing the reality of child soldiers being forced to learn how to use both guns and explosive devices.

Loung Ung is haunted by the memory of her parents who are dead and her missing siblings. The children are seen chanting, being led in the military tradition by an individual the same age as they are before they head out into the battlefield and ultimately their death.

"First They Killed My Father" is a harrowing watch but one, which shows the realities of what many children, must suffer through in the impoverished countries around the world.