Tyra Bank’s Golden Buzzer, the Dance Group Light Balance, delivered a stunning performance yet again during the finals of “America’s got talent.” The winner of the competition will be announced on Wednesday night, September 20th.

Light Balance proved to be a front-runner for the title of “America’s Got Talent” as it showcased its trademark laser light show to the tune of Jason Derulo’s “Get Ugly,” Goldderby reported. During the auditions, Banks pressed the Golden Buzzer for this dance crew and earned them a sure slot in the quarterfinals.

From then on, they moved through rounds and rounds of the competition, winning the judges’ choice and America’s votes.

On Tuesday night’s grand finals, Light Balance added more presentation to their act, surprising the audience who watched it live on stage.

Aside from the usual light beams and effects, they added circular light silhouette effects and had some of the dancers hovering above the stage. The central character, a masked man, was featured behind bars which he escaped from and danced alongside the team.

“Dance was the one thing that gave us hope. It was our way to light up our world. We wanted to bring light to darkness,” Light Balance said. “We began to dance using light... This is our chance to change our families’ lives. We don’t want to see our children struggle.”

Diavolo’s act

Another dance group is vying for the coveted title on “America’s Got Talent.” Diavolo is a dance group that differentiates itself from the rest of the contestants by putting in gigantic pieces on the set.

In their finale performance, the acrobatic dance group raised the bar higher by showing a heart-stopping act with risky props called the trajectory. There were lifting and throwing stunts that prompted judge Mel B to place her hand over her chest.

Diavolo got the judges’ support by receiving a standing ovation from the four of them.

Tyra Banks said that their last diving stunt “was insane.”

“I just really hope that everyone in America gets a chance to watch you perform live one time. It’s amazing on television, but it’s even more amazing right here, live in front of us,” supermodel Heidi Klum commented on the act.

Results night

The announcement of the winner of “America’s Got Talent” will happen on September 20th. The winner of the 12th season will get a prize of $1 million and will also headline their own show in Las Vegas, Movie Pilot revealed. Tune in to NBC on Wednesday night at 8/7c.