Simon Cowell called Tuesday's “America's Got Talent” performances in the quarterfinals of the Season 12 competition “the nuttiest I have ever experienced.” There was a lot of high drama, which ended up in a drenching of the British judge by Mel B, and performances that could not even be pulled off due to unforeseen circumstances. That didn't stop the voting public from letting their voices and their choices be heard. The Wednesday night vote on August 23 had results that surprised everyone, and truly recognized the uniqueness in performers that only comes from the “America's Got Talent” stage.

No mishaps here

After a brief look back at the performances, Tyra Banks took to the stage in what she called her circus-appropriate gown, striped and billowy like a big top. The dress was meant to complement the performances of Circus 1903, direct from the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, which was adding to the “America's Got Talent” entertainment for the night. It didn't take long for tension to set in, as Tyra told the three acts in sixth, seventh, and eighth place, up for the save vote of the evening. Magician, Eric Jones, classic R&B trio, The Masqueraders, and singer, Evie Clair were called for the most stressful wait of the night. All three had been favorites for the judges and received very positive feedback.

Once again, it would be up to America to decide who would stay and who would go.

The first official vote of the night was between dance troupe, Brobots and Mandroids, who defied even their families to keep dancing, and technical performance act, Light Balance, who wowed the judges even though they were not able to perform due to technical issues this week.

Light Balance got the votes, and hopefully, they'll be able to shine in the semifinals. South Korea should give a heroes’ welcome to the Brobots and Mandroids boys, too. Mel B offered congratulations and joyful wishes in Armenian.

The Pompeyo Family and Mandy Harvey were up to wait for their verdict next. The darling, dog-loving family of performers got praise on Tuesday for literally “saving America's Got Talent,” and they always have stolen America's hearts with their joy in being together and for their animals.

Mandy Harvey sang her own composition, originally written for her sister's wedding, this week, and she was called “a miracle worker” by Mel B for the healing in her presence and her performing. Mandy was granted the votes to go forward, and the doors to her future are wider than ever before. Simon Cowell said “This is why I love America,” in response to Mandy's vote. The Pompeyo probably already have a contract waiting somewhere, too, so lives are already changed forever.

Circus 1903 took center stage, performing “old time” routines of days gone by, apart from not using real elephants to fill their rings.

Pure delight

Johnny Manuel and Damien Aditya were vying for the next results to be in the semifinals.

Johnny Manuel delivered the vocal of a lifetime with his rendition of “And I'm Telling You I Am Not Going,” while what Damien Aditya had hoped would be the death-defying performance of a lifetime fell far short, with no one sure of what he or she saw. Johnny Manuel will be around for more weeks to come and likely has not hit his best yet in the competition. The singer had lost his voice from performing, but Howie Mandel told him to stay in his lane, and take it all the way.

Interpretive dancer, Merrick Hanna, who Simon called “best of the night” this week, twin brother singers and dancers, Mirror Image, and nine-year-old singer, Celine Tam, comprised of a trio who were summoned up to face the vote.

Celine Tam was almost squealing with delight when her name was called first, thanking everyone for the chance of reaching her dream. Heidi Klum told her to never stop singing “those big songs” because she can. The other two acts were told to stay on stage, and it was Merrick Hanna who was given good news next. The ever-limber Merrick jumped and yelled with joy, and it was so infectious that Simon Cowell did the same! No one sees that anywhere but on “America's Got Talent.”

The save vote group is always last, and in this case, Evie Clair was called as America's pick to keep performing in the weeks to come. Her choice of Birdy’s “Wings” this week was a powerful celebration of love to her cancer-battling father.

It could not have been more powerful, and America always has a heart for family bonds.

The judges’ selection was left between The Masqueraders and Eric Jones for the final choice. Eric had proven his power, literally passing objects, and himself, through a pane of glass, and the singers had reclaimed a dream, singing their single, and taking the stage by storm, as they never had the opportunity to do in 1968.

Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell nodded to The Masqueraders, while Mel B and Howie Mandel went with Eric Jones. The tie in the choices meant that the actual vote tally had to determine the taker of the seventh spot in the semifinals, and with less than a minute left, Eric Jones got the news he was in for another round.

It's a sure thing that his father is looking down from above, feeling proud. The Masqueraders will not have any worries filling up their calendar of gigs, either.

Keep checking in, since no one knows what can happen on “America's Got Talent,” and the best is still to come.