Celebrity Aaron Carter recently appeared on the series "The Doctors" where he discussed his declining health with medical professionals. The singer came clean about his struggles with addiction and stated that he needed help in gaining control of his health and lifestyle.

Carter was given an all-around evaluation

According to the Mighty, singer, Aaron Carter appeared on the TV show "The Doctors" where he was given a full medical examination. The singer decided to appear on the show after he began receiving a series of messages from concerned fans who claimed that he was not looking healthy.

While on the show, he talked in length with Jorge Rodriguez and Travis Stork about his recent health. Carter stated that he realized that he needed help in dealing with his issues and admitted that he was addicted to taking medication for anxiety. Aaron Carter opened up about his fears of overdosing like his sister and explained that he desperately needed help.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it has been confirmed that Carter tested positive for prescription drugs, which are used to treat anxiety. The singer tested negative for any diseases including HIV and tested negative for any illegal substances.

‘The Doctors’ gave Carter advice

According to the Daily Mail, Aaron Carter was given an abundance of advice from the medical professionals present including that he needed to slow down his lifestyle.

Carter opened up about his non-stop schedule and revealed that he had not slept well for several years. When discussing his weight loss, he blamed it on his hernia. However, the doctors told him that he needed to look at the bigger picture.

It was clear from the discussion that Carter was having with both Rodriguez and Stork that he wanted to change.

However, the singer was quick to blame other things for his current health, and it appears that he is not willing to enter into a rehabilitation program.

Stork has updated the public on Aaron Carter's decision and stated that the singer has yet to sign up for a program. Stork revealed that he had personally spoken with Carter several times about this decision and that Aaron claimed that he was going to take the steps eventually.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it was confirmed that Carter had initially agreed to go to the rehabilitation program but appears to have changed his mind since. Travis Stork has confirmed that he is maintaining contact with Carter in hopes that he will change his mind and enter into the program.

Fans have expressed their love and support for Aaron Carter online, but they are fearful that the singer will meet an early end if he does not tackle these issues.