Last week on "The Young and the Restless," Lily kicked Cane out of their home. Spoiler alerts tease that this may set things in motion for Cane and Juliet to bond. Their unborn child might bring them together, and "Lane" fans will probably be disappointed. It's possible, however, these two could find themselves attracted to each other, and fans of "Lane" will need to make room for "Jane" in genoa city.

Cane and Juliet have more in common now thanks to Lily

When Lily kicked her husband out, she basically handed him to Juliet on a silver platter. Both Cane and Juliet are now outcasts and hated by a lot of people in Genoa City.

They already have talked a few times about the mistakes they both have made. As the baby grows, Juliet will probably entice Cane to go to doctor appointments with her, and more than likely he will, as he is not able to go home to his wife and the twins.

Cane scammed Jill by pretending to be her son, and Juliet lied saying that Cane sexually harassed her in order get money from "Brash and Sassy." Perhaps these two con artists deserve each other after all. The writers at "The Young and the Restless" still have not let the viewers in on Ms. Helton's true motives, and "Lane" fans are hoping against hope the baby will not be Cane's. If spoiler alerts are correct, the baby is going to bring Juliet and Cane closer.

In order for that to happen, these two must deal with some serious issues. Juliet played games by leaving an earring on Cane's pillow in Tokyo, and her nightgown in his briefcase. He accused her of lying and said they never slept together, and later said the baby was not his. Now it has been revealed that Cane set up Billy in California, and he is the real reason Juliet was fired.

Without Lily and the twins in close proximity, Cane may fall into Juliet's snare.

There is more to this story than Cane realizes

This story line has been going on for six months, and it's time for it to come to a close. Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" need some answers because there is more to this story than Cane realizes.

Sadly, even if it turns out that Juliet set Cane up, it is probably too late for "Lane." Whether or not there turns out to be a "Jane," there are two people whose lives have been altered forever, the twins, Mattie and Charlie. Their young worlds have been turned upside down. They should be embracing life and living it to the fullest, but instead, the adults in their lives have caused them to grow up too soon.