Louise Pentland is a well know British YouTuber who shared videos about her life and career to her fans online. The star has over 2 million subscribers and has a huge and loving fan base. Earlier this year Pentland made the announcement that, she is pregnant with her second child and fans could not be happier for the mother of one. Louise has recently posted a gender reveal video to her channel "Sprinkleofglitter" announcing her baby's gender.

The YouTuber has shared each step with her audience

According to We The Unicorns, Louise Pentland has shared every step of her ongoing pregnancy with her audience.

The YouTuber has over two and a half million subscribers to her YouTube channel titled "Sprinkleofglitter" where she regularly uploads videos about her life, her daughter and her work as a YouTuber.

Earlier this year Louise took to YouTube to announce she and her boyfriend were expecting their first baby together. Fans were delighted to hear the news and immediately began posting messages of love and support to the mother of one. Louise already has a daughter Darcy who she has had from a previous marriage and is excited that her daughter will get a sibling.

Since her time on YouTube Louise has shared everything with her audience including her embarrassing dating stories and her second pregnancy.

The star has kept her audience updated with everything that is going on with her second pregnancy through videos in which she tells her friends she is pregnant. Louise has recently released a gender reveal video announcing the gender of her new baby to the world.

She released a video revealing her baby's gender

The video begins with Louise Pentland on the phone to her father who has featured now and again on her vlogging channel.

Pentland asks her father what gender he thinks her baby is and begins to cry as she announces that she is having a baby girl. Her father expresses his love and congratulations to his daughter in what is a touching family moment.

Louise then goes through her list of friends from the YouTube community including Zoe Sugg, best known for her YouTube name "Zoella." Zoe guesses that Louise is having a baby boy as she already has 5-year-old Darcy.

Louise reveals the gender to Zoe and the pair scream and laugh together celebrating the news.

Louise Pentland is beyond excited to be having another baby girl and has expressed her desire for daughter Darcy to have a sister in the past. According to Pentland, there are a lot more videos about her pregnancy to come and fans can look forward to the updates from their favorite YouTuber.