Louise Pentland is a British fashion and beauty YouTuber who has just dropped a video about her second pregnancy. She is best known to the internet as mother of one and her daughter Darcy features quite regularly on her channel. Fans are just as thrilled at the announcement of the new "baby Glitter" as the famous YouTuber.

Adding another little face to the Sprinkle of Glitter family

Within the first few minutes of her new "Sprinkleofglitter" video, YouTuber Louise Pentland pulls out a scan of her new baby. At first, she tries to throw the audience off by referring to her upcoming book "Wilde Like Me" before revealing her second pregnancy to her fans.

In true "Glitter" style, the mother of one announces her beautiful baby in a natural conversation style video.

Louise is bursting with excitement and happiness as she reveals the news to fans. She jokes about something she has been working on behind the scenes and blurts out the exciting news! She goes on to tell fans that she has been dying to tell them her news but wanted to wait until the usual time before making the announcement. It is clear from the video that Louise is over the moon and her fans have been leaving wonderful messages of congratulations for the famous YouTuber.

Does this mean that daughter Darcy will no longer be referred to as "Baby Glitter"?

The YouTuber already has a daughter with ex-husband, Matt Watson, named Darcy who was born in 2011.

The six-year-old came to adopt the name "Baby Glitter" keeping in theme with Louise's channel. Fans who have followed Louise's seven-year YouTube journey will already be familiar with the YouTubers lovely daughter. In fact, some have already been leaving comments on the "Sprinkleofglitter" channel asking about "Baby Glitter".

Louise refers to this in her video reminiscing about how daughter Darcy is not "Baby Glitter" anymore. However, this is just the mother's way of expressing how time has passed and she is clearly excited that Darcy will have a brother or sister. For now, she reveals, she has been calling her child "Baby Pentland" and tells her fans that her baby will be taking her surname as her and the father are not married.

Fans can enjoy a host of videos planned by the YouTuber including telling friends and family about her pregnancy. She is already planning ahead for hauls, a gender reveal video, baby scan videos and the general pregnancy milestones. The newest member of the "Sprinkleofglitter" family is expected to arrive in December or January and fans can not be happier for Louise!