Brooklyn Beckham has been surfacing in the media lately for his supposed relationship with former YouTuber Madison Beer. However, the public’s attention has shifted from the celebrity's love life to his latest tattoo, which reads, "Made in England." Fans have been questioning the 18-year-olds decision to get the tattoo on his foot, as they believed that he was born in Brooklyn in New York.

The celebrity's sixth tattoo

According to the Daily Mail, Brooklyn Beckham recently got a new piece of artwork added to his growing tattoo collection. The son of celebrities David and Victoria Beckham got his sixth tattoo in the space of four months across the side of his foot.

His latest tattoo reads, "Made in England" and has caused some controversy with the celebrity's fan base as they claim he was not born in England.

Alongside the "Made in England," tattoo Brooklyn also has five other designs all in different places across his body and fans have stated that he is taking after his father. Brooklyn recently got a rose tattooed on the side of his rib cage and shared the image on his Instagram account with his fans.

The 18-year-old who is due to start university in the next few months also has a tattoo of a compass on his forearm, a black and white camera tattoo on his upper arm, an eagle on his hand and a Native American headdress tattoo which happened to be his first ever design he picked.

Fans have been criticizing his tattoo

According to the Standard, fans of the Beckham family have taken to social media to criticize the 18-year-olds choice of tattoo. His most recent addition, the "Made in England" tattoo on his foot, has been the source of much controversy between his fan base as fans have been claiming that he was born in New York.

Fans were very confused as they thought that Brooklyn was named after the city where he was born in New York however, his mother Victoria Beckham stated that Brooklyn was in fact born in England. She explained that she and David found out that she was pregnant with their baby boy in Brooklyn after the World Cup and decided that the name suited their potential footballer son.

According to Mashable UK, Brooklyn shared a photograph of his tattoo through social media and fans immediately began to question his tattoo decision. This had led to some nasty responses from the celebrity's fans and other members of the public as they poked fun at the 18-year-olds permanent decision.

Neither Brooklyn Beckham nor his parents have made a comment on the recent public scrutiny of Brooklyn's latest tattoo. It is clear that the Beckham's do not disapprove of their son's decision as David Beckham is also covered in several different tattoos.