Warner Bros.’ blockbuster film “Wonder Woman” has finally reached $400 million at the Domestic Box Office this weekend. The film was directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, the Amazonian warrior princess that’s also soon to be joining Batman and other DC superheroes in the upcoming “Justice League” movie this November 16, 2017.

'Wonder Woman' is a domestic box-office hit

Back at the end of July, “Wonder Woman” broke the record and became the highest grossing movie of summer’s domestic box office by earning more than $100 million in its opening.

The film is currently one of the highest domestic grossing films of all time and holds the second place in the list of highest grossing films of 2017.

Right now, the film is still open on over 1,300 screens worldwide. It is expected to break another record in the upcoming week when it finally overtakes Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002) on its $403.7 million box office and become the sixth-highest domestic grossing film of all time.

Details about the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel

Warner Bros. announced that Gal Gadot would be reprising her role as the Amazonian warrior princess Diana Prince in the upcoming “Wonder Woman” sequel to be released on December 13, 2019. Last year, Warner Bros. already reserved the slot for the release date for an unnamed “event film.” And as many have suspected, the sequel got that spot.

Toby Emmerich stated in his interview with Variety that the sequel for the superhero movie will not be taking place in World War I. However, it is still likely to take place in the past. Many fans are currently suspecting that the sequel would be held during the 1980’s. Variety also confirmed that together with Geoff Johns, its director Patty Jenkins was already working on the sequel’s script.

Justice League members' potential solo films

The domestic box office success of the first “Wonder Woman” film has definitely helped DC in regaining their footing in this era of superhero films. With the announcement of the official release date of “Wonder Woman 2,” it is clear that Warner Bros. will continue to expand the DC Expanded Universe by green lighting the solo films for each respective members of the “Justice League.” Right now, the fans are still eagerly waiting for Warner Bros. to officially announce the remaining unnamed DC films that are set to release on February 14, 2020, and June 5, 2020.