Horror Movies have a great way of invoking all kinds of emotions which make them so popular. These films are great for watching in a group, or if you’re brave, when you’re home alone at night. There’s a sense of security while we’re watching the ongoing terror, we personally know it won’t affect us. Nonetheless, these movies still send a chilling feeling down out spine which makes those horror fanatics keep coming back for more. With that being said, here are some good horror movies you can watch your friends.

‘Scream’ Saga

The “Scream” flicks revitalized the horror films back during the 90’s and it became a major hit despite its typical slasher setup.

While there are four movies, they all follow the same basic formula of a group of teens being terrorized by a killer known as Ghostface. This serial killer has become a pop-culture icon over the recent years and is well-known for its ghostly-pale mask. The film itself has its fair share of gruesome deaths and thrilling chase scenes which should attract the horror junkies. If you’re looking for a film to watch during a sleepover with friends, look no further and pick up the “Scream” films.

‘The Babadook’

“The Babadook” came off as a surprise hit back when it released in 2014. Among the terrible jump scare flicks, we were finally treated to a terrifying psychological horror movie that brings grief and depression to life.

This film follows a widowed wife and her child as they stumble upon a book called “The Babadook” that slowly begins to haunt their lives. The film contains some exorcism elements and hardly contains any death scenes. Nonetheless, “The Babadook” is far from a kid-friendly movie as it tackles some mature themes at times. Incidentally, this film has also become something of a meme as the Babadook has become this year’s queer icon.

‘It Follows’

It Follows” has a very slow startup, but once it picks up, it doesn’t stop. Originally released in 2015, the film follows a young woman named Annie who spends a passionate evening with a stranger. Unbeknownst to her, he had transferred a creature that will continue following Annie until it kills her. The only way to “lift” this curse is to sleep with another person.

“It Follows” has sparked numerous interpretations of the monster as many claims that it is the physical manifestation of HIV/AIDS. While still unannounced, there could be a possible sequel in the works that might explain more about the origins of the monster.