With a unique and gripping plot and the ability to keep the fans guessing 'Game of Thrones' has undoubtedly become one of the most watched TV series of our time. The much awaited Season 7 has been much talked about and many fans have come up with their own theories as to what might happen to their favorite character and who might die next. (We all know someone will!) As much as fans may want to have the upper hand and be forewarned about who dies, reading the book will do you no good since the show has only original content from the creators for this season.

Needless to say, the story will not go where you expect it to.

Unlike the previous seasons, Season 7 will have only 7 episodes!

We all saw the merry gang of Lannister soldiers with whom Ed Sheeran did his cameo role. Although the scene was meant to explain how even Lannister soldiers were kind and friendly in the right circumstances, most of Sheeran's fans are wondering if he'll be making another appearance on the show.

One can only wonder if Sheeran's band of merry soldiers were part of the army that got completely decimated by Daenerys and her Dragons. Now that four out of 7 episodes of the season have been legally aired, we can only hope that the show comes to a conclusion that does justice to the fan following it has gained.

Episode 5: Daenerys and her rules of war

Now that the 'Mother of Dragons' and her army of Unsullied and Dothraki have reached the shores of Westeros and Daenerys has finally unleashed her Dragon's on the Lannister army (Episode 4) one can only wonder what lies in store for Jamie Lannister. We all know that Bronn tackled Jamie out of the path of fire and into the water in the nick of time.

But can Jamie survive while he's weighed down by his armor and gold hand?

The trailer of episode 5 starts with Daenerys standing in front (what one can only assume is) a defeated Lannister army. Standing in front of the worn out and beaten soldiers, she gives them an option; to bend the knee and join her, or refuse and die!

The Dragon queen show's mercy since she wants to be a benevolent ruler or maybe because the words of Jon Snow are still fresh in her mind.

We see Tyrion and Varys looking anxious about the fact that Daenerys has started acting out on her own. Now that the effectiveness of the Scorpion Ballista (Anti-Dragon Crossbow) has been proven, we can be sure that the Cersei has some surprises in store for the Mother of Dragons.

With the army of the Night King marching towards Eastwatch, one can be sure that the next three episodes will contain massive amounts of blood, gore, violence and of course, the death of one the characters you like. One can only guess until the episode 5 - 'The Blood of The Dragon' is aired.