In "Game of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 2 we are introduced to an idea that the prophetic figure "The Prince That Was Promised" might be a princess as well. That along with Melisandre's constatation how Daenerys has an important role to play in the upcoming war against the army of the dead seemed to convince us that our beloved Dragon Queen will be the savior. It fits perfectly, doesn't it? After all, she is the embodiment of a hero, beautiful blondie with all the power in the world, three large dragons. What could stand in her way?

On the other hand, we have Jon Snow, yet another hero resurrected from the dead, an excellent swordsman who just happens to be the most honorable man in the world.

And we are led to believe that those two will unite and defeat the White Walkers, the ultimate villains of the story and then they will live happily ever after.

But what if the hero is somebody else. Somebody not so perfect and gallant. A man with countless flaws, and yet intelligent and cunning -- Tyrion Lannister. Bear with us as we explore the idea of Tyrion being "The Prince That Was Promised."

"The Prince That Was Promised" prophecy

According to the legend, there was once a hero known as Azor Ahai, who defeated the White Walkers the first time they were around with his legendary sword Lightbringer. But for that, he needed to fail a couple of times. First, he tempered it in water, and the sword broke.

Then, he drove the sword into lion's heart, but the sword shattered again. It was only when he drove the sword into his wife's heart that he was able to forge the Lightbringer finally. And the prophecy states that this hero also known as "The Prince That Was Promised" will be reborn to draw a burning sword from fire and defeat the darkness once again.

How Tyrion Lannister fits into prophecy

According to George R. R. Martin, the prophecies are not to be taken literally. With that in mind, Reddit user REDLOVENOW drew some parallels between the story of Azor Ahai and Tyrion's story. He stated that Tyrion was tested by water in the Battle of Blackwater Bay, but he was shattered when he lost all the power in the city.

The next test was the lion himself, his father, Tywin Lannister. But killing him broke Tyrion once again as he lost his purpose. And he also killed his beloved Shae who can fulfill the role of Nissa Nissa. It was then when Tyrion Lannister began his journey to find his real purpose again in the form of Daenerys Targaryen, the embodiment of fire.

In "Game of Thrones" Season 7, Tyrion is trying to convince his Queen to ally with Jon Snow, thus bringing the ice and fire together. And we also know from "A Clash of Kings" that a song of ice and fire is the song of "The Prince That Was Promised."

Finally, let's not forget the look the Red Priestess gave to Tyrion in Volantis when she was talking about the savior. You can check out the scene down below.