"Westworld" Season 2 production is underway and based on the trailer, it will be one heck of a season. The new trailer showed most of the key characters in the series, but one person was MIA (Missing in action). The fans of the show started to panic at the thought that Hopkins would not be part of the show anymore. DigitalSpy sat down with the "Westworld" boss and revealed Anthony's fate on the HBO drama series.

Did Dr. Robert Ford die?

During the Season 1 finale, Dr. Ford was shot and appeared to have died. "Westworld" showrunner, Jonathon Nolan revealed that Hopkins' character did die, but he could pop up in flashback scenes.

Nolan realizes that most of the "Westworld" fans are anxious to find out if Anthony Hopkins would return. He wanted to let them know that, yes, Dr. Ford died, but not to count Hopkins off the show, just yet.

Hopkins will appear in flashback scenes

Nolan stated that even though Hopkins may not appear as often as the fans would like, his presence would be felt. Dr. Ford definitely left a mark on "Westworld" and will be the focus of the events in Season 2.

"Westworld" spoilers indicate that Hopkins will appear in a handful of scenes depending on his schedule.

Nolan reminds the fans that he is a busy man and works in multiple shows and movies at a time.

Season 2 storyline details

The "Westworld" trailer didn't give a whole lot of details. One surprising detail was Bernard's scene. He stood by a river towering over a dead tiger. The fans were perplexed by the tiger. Since when has a tiger been a part the HBO series?

Another huge surprise was Stubbs' return. At the end of Season 1, the "Westworld" viewers thought that Stubbs was dead. His fate heading into Season 2 isn't known, but he seemed to be alive, at least.

Then, there was Delores' scene which showed her chasing a few people riding on her horse with a gun in her hand. At first glance, it looks like she embraced her new script as Wyatt. It isn't apparent if sweet Delores will ever return, but it probably wouldn't happen without a lot of killing.

Lastly, "Westworld" showed Teddy set to join Delores in her quest to kill the guest that she believes are ruining her world. It shouldn't shock the fans too much that Teddy would join her as he was programmed to love Delores. Teddy was supposed to be a "good character" so how will he deal with having to turn dark to support Delores?

Watch "Westworld" Season 2 trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

"Westworld" is set to return in 2018 on HBO.