On the season finale of "The Real Housewives of New York," Tinsley Mortimer decided to have a party in Sonja's name because she wanted to thank her for giving her a place to stay for a few months in New York City. When Tinsley joined the show, she had just returned from Palm Beach where she was dealing with some personal issues. She had been arrested for trespassing on an ex-boyfriend's property and she was trying to figure out her life.

As Mortimer explained, she had married her high school sweetheart and then had been married for several years before calling it quits.

She had then dated this guy who had put a trespassing order against her, which she broke without knowing it. She was arrested and received an infamous mug shot.

Did Sonja leak the story?

Tinsley Mortimer wanted to start over in New York City, which was a place that she always saw at home. But she didn't know where she wanted to settle down so she excepted an offer to stay with Sonja Morgan at her place while she looked for something else. While a blessing at first, Sonja ended up treating her a bit like her own daughter. Tinsley was shocked that she had so many unwritten rules to live by and she was essentially slammed for going out with her friends and not inviting Sonja.

Tinsley could except that Sonja happened to be a bit upset that she was being left out on purpose from dinners and social outings.

But when Mortimer learned that Sonja's feelings had made it to the press and articles being written about how unappreciative Tinsley was with the whole situation, she got very upset.

During the season finale, Tinsley hosted a party for Sonja because she claimed she wanted to give her thanks for letting her stay with her for those months.

But there is also a sense of the party being an F-you party for Sonja, as Mortimer believed that she had leaked the story to the press.

She genuinely wanted to say thanks

In her blog for Bravo, Tinsley explains that she generally hopes that Sonja knows that she is thankful for giving her a place to stay.

"I sincerely hope that Sonja knows the party I gave her was a thank you from the heart.

I will always be appreciative of her generosity and hope that we can be really good friends again. She truly saved me by getting me out of Palm Beach and letting me move into her beautiful townhouse," Tinsley explains in her Bravo blog.

One thing may be for sure; Sonja Morgan isn't exactly rushing to invite another friend to stay with her after these experiences made her feel unappreciated.

What do you think about Tinsley Mortimer's comments about her friend Sonja? Do you think Tinsley's party was genuine or do you think that she secretly meant for the party to be an F-you party?