Tyra Banks, the 43-year old model and business mogul, has finally shared some details about her upcoming show "Life Size 2." In one of her recent interviews, Banks has shared that Lindsay Lohan has been a lot excited to come back. According to a recent report from Bustle, Banks has posted her recent photo on Twitter on Friday where she has teased about her possible reunion with Lohan.

While the production was still mum over the news, Banks has already given their fans a sign of relief that the 43-year old actress really wanted for Eve and Casey to reunite on the Christmas of 2018.

Casting details

As of now, "Life Size 2" hasn't revealed its casting details yet. Meanwhile, Lohan hasn't also responded yet over the details that Banks has shared on the social media. Nevertheless, it can be recalled that the former Disney actress has also tweeted about her support for Banks to win a Teen Choice Award recently.

Since the official announcement about "Life Size 2" has broken online, the business mogul has already been vocal about her intention that she also wanted Lohan to appear again on the film. During her previous interview back in April, Banks has further shared that she would love to have Lohan in the movie. Meanwhile, the production is still waiting for Lohan's response as regards to the proposal that Banks has given her in the upcoming movie sequel.

Reprising roles

As of now, it wasn't sure yet whether Lohan will still join the Christmas "Life Size 2" sequel. However, Banks has already been sure that she will be reprising her role as Eve. In fact, her recent Twitter post was already a clear manifestation how excited she was in working for the film.

In her recent photo posted online, Banks was wearing her pink dress which also means that she has been channeling her character as Eve on the next movie sequel.

Apparently, Banks has been a lot eager to continue the next chapter of Eve's story in the movie.

Meanwhile, the movie sequel might be a year away to wait; nevertheless, it seemed that the production has been planning the details about it lately. Further, "Life Size 2" is also slated to feature the wiser character of Eve. A report from Bustle has revealed that the next chapter of the movie is aimed to target the older audience.

Eve will experience the different twists of life, and she will be featured how she will deal with it in an exciting Christmas setting. Further, their fans are also looking forward to Lohan to reprise her role and to confirm about the casting really soon.