Freeform has finally renewed Bella Thorne's "Famous In Love" for its second season. The cable network has officially made the announcement on Thursday through a Facebook Live video chat together with the series cast members. The series has been based on Rebecca Serle's novel where featured Thorne as the newest Hollywood "It" girl. Meanwhile, a report from Just Jared has also shared that Marlene King, the series showrunner, has been a lot thankful since she can still continue to work with their amazing cast members.

Apparently, "Famous in Love" has resonated almost 30 million fans across the United States and having its second season simply made the entire series production happier.

King has further shared that the production has just started and they are now more motivated to deliver the best show to their viewers.

Getting started

With the recent news confirming the renewal of the show, the showrunner has stated that they felt thrilled over the opportunity that the cable network has given them again. She further added that they were just starting to bloom and perhaps, the upcoming Season 2 is the best chance to dive deeper into the characters that viewers have loved since the first season.

"Famous in Love" is a series which centers on Paige Townsend which has been played by Thorne since season one.

On the next chapter of the series, Thorne's character is expected to learn to live her kind of star-studded life after she auditioned for a role in a Hollywood blockbuster. Being the newest "It" girl in their town, Thorne will be featured living the highs and lows of her life.

Balancing life

The upcoming season for "Famous in Love" is expected to feature Thorne dealing with her career while at the same time balancing her life as a college student.

Without a doubt, the series viewers would love how the story will unfold in the second season. Meanwhile, it was also reported that the first season has ended in a cliffhanger. Hence, it is for the viewers to find out as to who was the killer involved in the murder which took place in season one.

As of now, the showrunners have kept herself mum over the details of the next chapter.

Nevertheless, the series’ fans and viewers were a lot happy after learning about the show's renewal. "Famous in Love" season 2 is also expected to be aired on Freeform by 2018. Apart from Thorne, the series will also star other stars like Carter Jenkins, Charlie Depew, Niki Koss, and Perrey Reeves.