Showtime's reboot of "twin peaks" will be the one and only reboot for now. The cable network executives confirmed that there are no plans to give David Lynch’s show another season after the reboot ends its 18-episode run this September. Speaking before the Television Critics Association panel last Monday, Showtime president David Nevins contended that it has always been the network's plan to just have one season of the "Twin Peaks" reboot. Because of this, the network executives and show creator David Lynch have not gone back to the table to discuss a follow-up.

"There's been zero contemplation, zero discussions other than fans asking me about it," David Nevins said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Showtime, however, isn't closing its doors on the writer and director. According to Gary Levine, the network’s programming president, David Lynch might want to do another season in future and Showtime could consider it.

Rebooting hasn't been easy

But putting the show back together after more than two decades of being off-the-air hasn't been an easy road for David Lynch and Showtime. The "Twin Peaks" reboot was first announced as in development back in 2014. Originally, the plan was to launch the show for 2016 to mark its 25th anniversary. But production delays affected the progress of the "Twin Peaks" reboot.

David Lynch briefly dropped out when the budget became a problem, according to Bleeding Cool.

Rebooting paid off

Despite this, David Nevins revealed in the panel that "Twin Peaks" performed well on Showtime. "It drove our business in a way that almost nothing else could," the network boss said, adding that the cable network's subscription base increased following the show's premiere last May 21.

"Twin Peaks" first aired on ABC from 1990 to 1991. The show, at that time, had been a groundbreaking mystery drama series that made plot twists vital to the story.

The show starred Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper, who reprised his role in the reboot. The original series also starred Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna Hayward), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Harry S.

Truman), Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings), Joan Chen (Jocelyn Packard), Warren Frost (Dr. Will Hawyward).

The "Twin Peaks" reboot, essentially considered the third season, featured some of the original cast. Laura Dern (Diana Evans), Tom Sizemore (Anthony Sinclair) and Naomi Watts (Janey) were the new additions. Shery Lee, who played Maddy Ferguson in the original show, returned as Laura Palmer.