25 years after the titles filled the screen on the final episode of season 2, David Lynch and Mark Frost debuted the first two episodes of the revived “twin peaks” on Showtime on Sunday. As reported by Deadline, fans of the original 1990s show signed up in their thousands to be able to continue watching Agent Cooper and other familiar characters appear on their screens again for a continuing saga.

Laura Palmer’s prediction comes true in 2017 ‘Twin Peaks’

Watching episode one of "Twin Peaks," one of the first things readers will see is the scene where Laura Palmer, predicting that she would see Agent Cooper in 25 years’ time.

Little did fans imagine at the time that this would actually come to pass. Shortly after this, we see the familiar scenes of the town, including the high school and the Packard Sawmill. The theme music is the same as it ever was, with the romantic Angelo Badalamenti track playing, but then things get a little different. Instead of close-ups of the sawmill, the new episode’s titles include some overhead shots of the waterfall along with some imagery from the eerie Black Lodge.

Lots of familiar faces in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” relaunch

While there are some new faces in the latest iteration of the Lynch show, there are also plenty of familiar, 25-year-older faces too.

Besides Agent Cooper, there’s Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, the eerie Giant (in black and white), Lynch himself is back as FBI director Gordon Cole and Lucy Brennan is still working at the Sheriff’s Office and there are many more familiar "Twin Peaks" faces. While Catherine Coulson is sadly no longer with us, having passed away in 2015, there is still a Log Lady and she is still offering strange and cryptic advice.

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, there are all kinds of past references and Easter eggs in the first double episode, but we won’t give away any spoilers here.

You'll just have to watch.

Huge subscriber run after further episodes of ‘Twin Peaks’ released for streaming

Suffice to say that the show is so popular that after Showtime released the first two episodes, as mentioned above, fans were thrilled. Due to the huge viewership and obvious interest in the rebooted “Twin Peaks,” Showtime shortly afterward released episodes 3 and 4 – but only to those customers who have signed up for their streaming services. Those services include Showtime on Hulu, Showtime Anytime and Showtime On Demand. According to Deadline, this led to a huge interest in the show with the network receiving the single largest day and weekend of new signups for their service ever.

David Nevins, CEO of Showtime Networks, said that the premiere was the largest single-night driver they ever had.

While there’s no sign of the ratings just yet, the huge increase in subscribers does seem to point to yet another hit for Lynch and Frost.

Those readers who didn’t see the original 1990s "Twin Peaks" series, or just wish to do a quick catch up, can watch the video below, along with a teaser for the 2017 version.

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