Fans will recall the cliffhanger "twin peaks" left off on over 25 years ago. Canceled at the end of its second season, the cult series left us with a disheartening glimpse of the future of the citizens of the sleepy town in Washington State. Now over 2 decades later, just as Laura Palmer predicted, the series returns this May with an 18-episode third season. Entertainment Weekly has released stylish and ominous photos to tease the series' return.

Twin Peaks', a TV phenomenon

"Twin Peaks" originally aired in 1990, and the quirky show effectively changed the face of television.

While it inspired a ton of knock-offs ('Northern Exposure' and other similar titles), David Lynch and Mark Frost's unique storytelling style and compelling characters endured throughout media. The effects of 'Twin Peaks' are still felt today, evident in recent series such as "Lost" and the currently-airing "Riverdale."

"Twin Peaks" follows the mystery surrounding the death of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) after she washes up on the town's beach wrapped in plastic. Sent to investigate is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), and what appears to be a simple mystery runs much deeper as the secrets of the town are revealed one by one, veering into the supernatural and strange.

David Lynch and Mark Frost never intended to reveal the identity of Laura's killer, finding that the essence of the series was in the characters, and the true eerie nature was the town itself. However, pressure from the network forced the reveal of Laura's killer halfway through the second season, and the show lost steam from there.

After a final episode which pulled out all the stops and left fans on an awful cliffhanger, the series was followed up with the feature film "Fire Walk With Me." Unfortunately, the film was a box office bomb and received lackluster reviews.

I'll see you again in 25 years

Rumors regarding the return of "Twin Peaks" abounded in the decades following the series' demise.

In 2014, after multiple denials, they finally announced the return of the series for a third season. After a tumultuous production history, "Twin Peaks" is set to return on Showtime on May 21, and we've got the photos to prove it. Check them out with some pie and coffee for that authentic feeling