The feud involving Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston sprung more than a decade ago because of Brad Pitt. A new report, however, suggested that their rivalry might have been revived as the actresses are said to be fighting over a new man.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly grew furious at Angelina Jolie recently when the latter went to dinner with Ronald Meyer, according to New Idea magazine. The man involved is an executive at NBC Universal, who was perhaps talking business with Jolie. He’s also the father of Aniston's long-time best friend, Jennifer Meyer.

Sources told the publication that Jennifer Aniston felt Angelina Jolie planned to have the paparazzi catch her out with Ronald Meyer to annoy her.

"She's convinced that Ange wanted to go to a restaurant where she knew they would be photographed," the source stated. "Jen is absolutely steaming after seeing pictures of them having a cozy dinner together."

Debunking rivalry as nonsense

While it's true that the paparazzi photographed the “Maleficent” actress and Ronald Meyer having dinner together, Gossip Cop debunked the report on Aniston’s anger over the incident.

Sources from the “Friends” star’s camp told the publication that the actress has no say about Jolie's business or personal affairs. Gossip Cop also got in touch with Jolie’s camp, whose reps called the rivalry report nonsense.

Gossip Cop also reiterated two separate facts, which are completely unrelated. Angelina Jolie did have dinner with Ronald Meyer, the father of Jennifer Aniston’s best friend. This doesn’t, however, mean that a rivalry between the Hollywood leading ladies could be heating up anew.

Rivals since 2005

In 2005, fans of the Hollywood stars picked a side between Team Aniston and Team Jolie following the “Friends” actress's divorce from Brad Pitt.

He and Jolie got too cozy while filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and fell in love. Aniston, on the other hand, became the betrayed wife.

Since then, the tabloids have been feasting on their love triangle and stories about their rift haven’t died down. Over the years, Pitt and Jolie became the parents of six children while Aniston got married to Justin Theroux.

New reports from InTouch Weekly also claimed that Jennifer Aniston is having the last laugh these days after Angelina Jolie divorced Pitt in 2016. Aniston, however, remains happily married to Theroux and they celebrated their second anniversary in August.