"twin peaks" actor Jeremy Lindholm, 41, has been arrested after allegedly attempting to beat to death his girlfriend with a Baseball Bat. Spokane Washington PD told TMZ that they responded to a call on Wednesday evening from one of the city's local businesses of a man brutally beating a woman outside their establishment with a bat.

Argument over Kool-Aid became violent

Reports reveal that he showed up unexpectedly at her place of employment. The actor told police that he and his girlfriend had been arguing all day. Things took a bizarre turn when Jeremy admitted to getting angry because they were out of Kool-Aid.

He told police that his girlfriend left the house to purchase the desired Kool-Aid and never returned, which fueled his anger even more.

According to Krem.com, the court documents reveal that Jeremy admitted that he left the couple's shared home and went looking for her. When the officers arrived, they spotted Lindholm -- bat in hand -- attempting to make a run for it. The actor only made it as far as the alley before surrendering himself to officers.

Actor wanted police to shoot him

Lindholm was taken to a nearby jail where he told police he did not intend to hurt his girlfriend of five years, but wanted police to shoot him in front of her. In court Thursday morning he was described as "emotionless." It appears to be a pretty cut and dry case according to his confession and several eyewitness reports -- along with the video surveillance footage which shows the actor choking the woman, throwing her to the ground, jumping on her, and repeatedly hitting her in the head and body more than a dozen times.

The man's girlfriend (whose name was not released in the TMZ report) was transported to a Spokane hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. It has not been revealed publicly at this time if Lindholm has a previous history of violence.

Jeremy Lindholm is best known as a writer and actor, appearing in shows like "Z-Nation." His previous acting credits include "Game of Cards," "Tiki," and "It's a Meh Life," with his most recent acting credit listed as an appearance on an episode of the Showtime hit "Twin Peaks: The Return."

"Twin Peaks: The Return" began airing on the network on May 21st.

The new series is a continuation of the 1990 ABC television series. The 18-episode Showtime crime series is set 25 years later and stars original "Twin Peaks" star Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper. "Twin Peaks: The Return" airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on Showtime.