More than a quarter of a century after the "twin peaks" TV series ceased to be broadcast, the actor Kyle MacLachlan resumed the role of the FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, a role that marked his career. Now the actor says he is trying to think that "Twin Peaks" has actually never been interrupted. He confesses that he is curious to see how the audience will react to the show.

MacLachlan has gone through much since the early 1990s, according to the Los Angeles Times. The actor is now 58 years old, he has gray hair, he married, he became a father and he even started a wine business.

'Twin Peaks' is back after 26 years

"Twin Peaks" was a very popular and strange TV series from the 90s. The action of the first two seasons takes place in the small town called Twin Peaks, where the locals are shocked by the brutal killing of Laura Palmer. The FBI agent Dale Cooper is trying to figure out the mystery of this murder.

The new series of "Twin Peaks" is written and directed by the same David Lynch (alongside Mark Frost), who also created the first two seasons of the show which were broadcasted in 1990 and 1991.

Lynch resumed his partnership with MacLachlan after a long time. The two have collaborated at "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" in 1992.

Twin Peaks - a TV series out of the ordinary

Kyle MacLachlan still considers the pilot episode from 1990 an extraordinary cinema achievement. The actor watches this episode from time to time.

The series began in April 1990 and it enjoyed a very good rating. The critics praised the unique blend of horror, melodrama and bizarre humor.

But once the central mystery of the show was clear, the number of fans decreased. Then ABC canceled the series after 29 episodes, in spite of some protests organized by fans.

MacLachlan received two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for the role.

What will happen to Agent Cooper?

The original series has one of the saddest endings in the history of television.

After a disturbing journey in the mysterious "Black Lodge" - the red curtain room - Dale Cooper is possessed by an evil spirit named Bob, the spirit who possessed Leland Palmer before and made him kill his daughter. What has happened to Agent Cooper in the meantime is clearly the biggest question that the sequel has to answer.

When asked if he had thought about Agent Cooper's fate during these years MacLachlan confessed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that he didn't forget.