Although it is not yet official, the news is strong that Mahershala Ali is going to lead True Detectiveseason 3 if it returns. In fact, HBO is said to “strike a deal” with the 43-year-old actor.

Although a lot of fans commend the “Luke Cage” actor to be the anthology crime drama’s lead star, it is now a big question if its first headliner Matthew McConaughey will agree. In an interview with USA Today, the 47-year-old star talked about Ali’s casting and it looks like he, too, approves.

McConaughey’s approval

"I think it's awesome," Matthew Mcconaughey told USA Today about Mahershala Ali’s casting in “True Detective” Season 3.

To recall, the “Moonlight” actor sent his Instagram followers into a frenzy when he shared a photo of “True Detective” and captioned it with “Season 3 HBO.” With that, a lot of fans believe that he is going to be seen in the show’s third chapter. Even though there is no official announcement about the television series’ return, the “Dark Tower” star described Ali as a good match for the series creator Nic Pizzolatto.

Matthew McConaughey recalled that he had worked with Mahershala Ali before on the 2016 movie “Free State of Jones.” So, he knows that he will be a great fit to whatever the 41-year-old novelist has in mind. He believes Ali could really do it. “It's heady and hardcore,” he described.

“It's a very harsh reality.”

The “Interstellar” actor also described Ali as very humble, grounded, rooted and doesn’t have any attitude. He even added that being unruly is not welcome on Nic Pizzolatto’s writing. To recall, he and Woody Harrelson have been nominated for Emmy Awards for their performances in the television series’ critically-acclaimed first season.

McConaughey’s theories about the second season

However, after “True Detective” Season 2, which was led by Colin Farrell and Rachel Adams, its future has been in question because of its negative reviews. Matthew McConaughey revealed that he got theories why the show’s first chapter was criticized by a lot of critics, but, he chose not to say anything about it.

“That's just fodder for fire,” he said.

The “Dallas Buyers Club” star also added that he is now just looking forward to what Nic Pizzolatto is going to do. In fact, he has a big trust in him as they had “great success” in the crime drama’s first installment. He even revealed that he liked the “first season a lot” and there is also a lot about the second chapter that he enjoyed.