It was in August 2015 when fans last saw 'True Detective' on HBO. Nearly two years have passed and fans are still waiting and hoping for the coming of 'True Detective' season 3.

It looks like cries of the anthology crime drama's followers are now heard as the Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali is now in discussion to allegedly star in the show's third installment. However, it is not yet revealed if the television series will surely return.

Can Ali help the show?

The Tracking Board reported that Mahershala Ali is now close to signing as the lead actor of 'True Detective' Season 3.

Nevertheless, the publication cleared that HBO has yet to give the show the greenlit, but its sources revealed that it is "definitely expected to return." It has been said that the 43-year-old actor could be a "redeeming factor" for the television series after its second chapter has failed.

To recall, the show's second season didn't catch the critics' attention. Also, its viewers found its storyline pretty boring. Hence, it was described to be one of the most "disliked" television series of that season. Its first installment, on the other hand, was said to have a stroke of luck. Its success was said to ride to Matthew McConaughey's crazy performance and Woody Harrelson’s laid-back acting.

Also, fans also can't deny Cary Fukunaga's invaluable take in the show's first season.

It has been said that the director’s magnificent depiction of the Southern Gothic landscape was one of the missing takes in the second installment.

Will Season 3 succeed with new star and writer?

As a matter of fact, 'True Detective' Season 1 was described as one of the most stunning pieces seen on television. The chemistry between the show's lead actors Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey was also depicted to be magnetic.

It also paved the way for 'The Dark Tower' star to be considered as a serious actor and made "McConaissance" famous, Slash Film reported.

Unfortunately, the anthology's second installment was poorly received, although it had a stunning cast composed of Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn. Evidently, the show’s executive producer Nic Pizzolatto can't handle the series' creative force alone to maintain what the first season started.

However, 'True Detective' Season 3 might be the redemption the television series needed. With the inclusion of the 'Deadwood' creator David Milch as part of the show's creative team and Mahershala Ali's take as its protagonist, it may be once again a success.