It looks like True Detectiveseason 3 will finally return to the small screen as the series creator Nic Pizzolatto is said to be working on the third chapter along with David Milch. Although HBO has yet to confirm the news, the Hollywood Reporter verified the update.

According to the said publication, the 41-year-old American novelist and the “Deadwood” creator are now in the early stage of writing the third installment of the anthology series. This is in spite of not receiving a new series order for the show yet.

A successful first season

The news of the coming of “True Detective” Season 3 had started two years ago when the show’s second season ended.

To recall, the first chapter of the HBO anthology series has been widely and critically acclaimed that made its creator, director Cary Fukunaga and leading stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson rose to fame.

However, the second chapter’s script was said to be confusing that led to its low ratings. But, Pizzolatto was still commended for his writing by at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour in July 2015 by then programming President Michael Lombardo. The latter described him as one of the “best writers working in television and motion pictures” today. This was in spite of the people’s negative reaction to the show's second season.

The executive said at that time that he would love to do another season of the television series.

He even mentioned the 12 million viewers of the show and how bold, brave and satisfied the short story writer’s take on the show than what he saw in movies. “I'd happily be in business with him for a long time," he said.

A continuation of the third chapter

The current HBO programming president Casey Bloys, on the other hand, didn’t close the doors for the possible “True Detective” Season 3.

Speaking to the reporters, he said that he is open to accept new writers for the show’s third installment with Pizzolatto still supervising it.

He even called the television series as “valuable franchise” for the network for having 11 million average viewership. He also added that it is not yet the end of the anthology series, they are just not sure if they are on the right track for a new chapter so far.

Meanwhile, if the third installment will push through, The Guardian listed the changes the show must have. The first one is casting. McConaughey should be back as Rust Cohle to entice the viewers to watch the television series again along with Harrelson as Marty Hart. To recall, at the end of the first series, they are all alive and doing fine; thus it is not impossible if they will return.

Next is the script. Lombardo admitted that he had rushed Pizzolatto before to finish the second season’s writing; thus it became confusing. So, if the new chapter will be done, they must give their writers the proper time to write and deliver the new script.