Over the weekend, former "Grey's Anatomy" star T.R. Knight took time to wish Chandra Wilson a Happy Birthday on Instagram. The message suggests that T.R. has remained close to some of the cast of the medical drama. In his Instagram post, he posted a photo of what looked like a scene featuring him and Chandra, with the caption saying, "Happiest of birthday to one of the best there is. My Bailey, your Bailey, all our Bailey! Much love to you Chandra." Chandra Wilson (who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey) is a main cast member on the show.

The actor's post currently has over 69,000 likes and more than 2,100 comments, proving that fans have not forgotten the sweet memories he left on "Grey's Anatomy." Most of the comments came from fans who sent Chandra Wilson birthday wishes while the rest sent their heartfelt message of missing "George O'Malley" on the show.

Fallout from "Grey's Anatomy"

T.R. Knight rose to fame when he joined the cast of the ABC medical drama "Grey's Anatomy." He played the role of George O'Malley until the fallout in 2009. His disappearance from the show was far from smooth as the "Isaiahgate" controversy forced him to leave. In 2009, he opened up about the issue to Entertainment Weekly, stating the reason behind his departure. During his interview, he said: "My five-year experience proved to me that I could not trust any answer that was given [about George]. And with respect, I’m going to leave it at that."

The fallout began when the media frenzied on Isaiah Washington calling T.R. Knight f****t in one of the show's on-set production.

Washington was eventually fired from the show, T.R. Knight, on the other hand, decided to leave following the incident. Nevertheless, his remaining days on the show proved too much of an effort to fit in again. He realized, after coming out that his character slowly dwindled and when "Grey's Anatomy" Season 5 arrived, it's like his character was almost gone.

T.R. Knight coming out

After leaving the show, T.R. admitted it may not have been the best decision, that things could have worked out with proper discussion. "By the time it came to fruition, I was [glad] for him because he was ready to go," Knight said of his character. Producer Shonda Rhimes denied Knight's allegations that she played a role in discouraging him to come out. On March this year, T.R. Knight eventually return to Shondaland's "The Catch."

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 will premiere on September 28, 2017, as part of ABCs TGIT shows.