Lucifer” Season 3 is coming real soon, and little details about its return are now emerging. As the cast graced the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Tom Ellis, who plays the titular role, talked about what’s going to happen next to the show.

Aside from that, there is a new addition coming to the fantasy police procedural comedy-drama's next installment. Tom Welling, the former Clark Kent of “Smallville,” will once again join the DC universe as a police lieutenant.

The new lieutenant

Tom Welling will play the role or Marcus Pierce, a “reserved and well-respected" police lieutenant coming in “Lucifer” Season 3.

According to Variety, just like Lucifer, the new character of the 40-year-old star will be “charming, charismatic and handsome.” However, it looks like the role of Tom Ellis will now find his rival over the heart of Chloe Decker (Lauren German). So, when Pierce starts to build a connection with the homicide detective, there’s a big chance the devil in Lucifer will come out.

In an interview with Hypable at SDCC 2017, Tom Ellis talked about the coming of Tom Welling in the television series. The 38-year-old actor revealed that Lucifer doesn’t have much respect for the authorities, but has a lot of it for a detective. Thus, a connection might be built between Marcus and Chloe. “And whilst they’re sparking with each other, you can only imagine how that sparks Lucifer,” he told the publication.

Ellis’ reveals show’s future

Moreover, Tom Ellis also talked about the continuation of “Lucifer” Season 3. The “EastEnders” star told that the show would pick up exactly where it left off.

To recall, in the previous season, Lucifer has been stuck in the desert, surprisingly, with wings. However, he will be able to get back to Los Angeles and make it his mission to find who’s behind the incident that happened to him.

Although he believed that his father is the one who’s responsible, he knows that God won’t let his hands get dirty. Thus, he assumed that his dad hired someone to do the work. “That’s basically his focused mission,” Tom Ellis told Hypbale.

Also, the “Miranda” actor discussed the possibilities when Chloe finally learned the truth about his real identity.

He thinks that it would be a big issue for her, so she might just want to be not involved. However, he also hopes that she would understand everything and accept him for who he is. “I thought of that relationship a little bit like 'Beauty and the Beast,'” he added.