"Lucifer" unleashed a new teaser for season 3 that shows former couple Chloe (Lauren German) and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) kissing each other. Fans might be surprised about that turn of event because these characters have supposedly moved on following their divorce.

But "Lucifer" star Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, clarified what that kiss was all about in an interview with TV Line. He teased that the producers played around with the structure of the show a little bit when they made four stand-alone episodes that will be aired in the fall.

"Some of the things you might have seen in the trailer might not be happening on the present day," Tom Ellis said. Thus, the kiss between Chloe and Dan will likely be nothing but part of a flashback episode. This doesn’t mean, however, that the writers are finally going to bring Chloe and Lucifer together even if they have been hinting this since the first episode.

Chloe's potential new guy

While Lucifer is clearly drawn to the smart and gorgeous detective, Chloe's potential new guy might be in the person of a new character. It was recently announced that Tom Welling would be joining the series in a recurring role as the police lieutenant Marcus Pierce.

Fans will find that Marcus Pierce shares a lot of similarities with Lucifer as he's just as charming, charismatic and convincing as the devil.

Described as someone with "Lucifer’s devilish traits," as per Entertainment Weekly, Marcus will also be drawn to Chloe. It remains to be seen how Lucifer will react to this blooming partnership or if the new lieutenant will stick around longer.

Come back for Welling

Tom Welling's last TV role was as Clark Kent/Superman in "Smallville" on The CW, which bowed out of television in 2011.

This guest stint on "Lucifer" serves as the actor's comeback.

When asked how "Lucifer” producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich managed to snag Tom Welling, Henderson told Bleeding Cool the actor might have been convinced because the role of Marcus Pierce is different from his previously popular role.

Modrovich said Marcus is not the "mild-mannered Clark Kent" that fans loved from Tom Welling.

"He's got a little edge, and he's got a chip on his shoulder," the producers teased.

More spoilers from the show

Meanwhile, “Lucifer” fans curious about Mom (Tricia Helfer) will be glad to know she’s still very much a part of season 3. But while Mom no longer possesses her character, she will still have a lot to deal and process and will likely pop in cases that Chloe and Lucifer are investigating.

Suffice to say, the dynamics of Lucifer” season 3 has changed and it’s gotten only much more interesting. The new season will premiere on Fox on Monday, Oct. 2.