Katie Holmes' famous ex-husband, Tom Cruise finally desires to have Suri Cruise back in his life. Will the "American Made" actor take his daughter back?

According to a recent report by The Inquisitr, Katie Holmes is reportedly worried now that Tom Cruise wants to have a relationship with their daughter, Suri Cruise. The publication revealed that the famous star is still doing all he can do to win Suri back.

Tom Cruise wants to take Suri Cruise from Katie Holmes

The publication added that Tom Cruise is focused on winning Suri Cruise from Katie Holmes.

Sources close to the "Edge of Tomorrow" star stated that he is willing to spend more time with Suri and wants to be present in her life now.

Yahoo even revealed that the "A Few Good Men" actor realized that he wants to reconnect with Suri after his promotional tour in Australia, which happened last month. In the said event, Cruise was asked about his thoughts if Suri would like to enter the world of showbusiness. Apparently, this has reportedly triggered something in the "Mission Impossible" actor.

As per the outlet, the "Top Gun" actor is now looking for a home in Los Angeles, so he could be able to visit Suri more often. Currently, Tom has been staying in the United Kingdom because of his filming schedule, and he reportedly misses LA, as it brings him closer to Suri.

"He has been based in the UK for work, but he is missing the States," the insider revealed. "He has got his real-estate agents scoping out new properties so he can create the perfect home for Suri."

Rumors continue to make the rounds that Tom's Scientology beliefs are the reason why his marriage to Holmes failed and is also the reason why he needed to stay away from them.

His faith in the Church of Scientology has reportedly given their marriage a lot of problems.

'American Made' star still single and not dating anyone

Tom and the "Dawson's Creek" actor have been mum about their post-divorce relationship. However, many people believe that they do not communicate at all because of Tom's connection to Scientology.

Reports claimed that the "Jack Reacher" actor has not yet moved on with his romantic life, but Holmes is reportedly dating Jamie Foxx secretly. Foxx and Holmes were spending some time together in Paris a month ago.

Katie Holmes has been making her mark as an actress and director in the hit TV series, "Kennedys: After Camelot." Meanwhile, Tom Cruise continues to be one of the best actors in the industry.