Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless indicate Zack is hiding something pretty sinister. It's possible he may be part of the sex trafficking ring. If so, he may be responsible for the disappearance of Crystal and this may explain all the whispers between Zack and Tessa. The Newman family will be shocked if it turns out that Nikki's former assistant was a part of white slavery.

Zack and Tessa have insulated themselves within the Newman clan

Nikki found Tessa playing her guitar on the street corner and hired her to give lessons to Reed. Tessa became Nikki's assistant and moved into the Newman main house.

She was the opening act for the MS benefit concert, is dating the Newman's grandson Noah, and Devon has given her a recording contract. Tessa is now living in the gate house on the Newman ranch with Sharon and Mariah. In the midst of so much, good fortune viewers can see that something is not right with this young lady. She has mysterious phone conversations and is paranoid every time she sees Zack. Tessa has made it clear that she does not want anyone to know of their previous association.

Zack is working with Abby on a dating app for "Newman Enterprises." And even Victor is impressed with his skills. Zack and Abby have also been going out on a few dates. Between these two newcomers to Genoa City, they have insulated themselves within the richest and powerful citizens in town.

Thursday and Zach Friday's episodes of "The Young and the Restless give clues regarding the secret they share. This may be the shocking revelation regarding Zack that spoilers allude to.

The tangled web of deception and the sinister secret

Sharon has befriended a young woman who she believes is being held against her will and Forced Into Prostitution.

When Tessa heard Sharon say the name Crystal, she dropped her phone and looked troubled. Later Tessa talks to Zack mentioning that her sister Crystal is in trouble. She asks him to utilize his contacts but says he cut all ties with his former life. After Tessa walks away Zack makes a phone call saying it's time to move.

When you put all of this together one could infer that Zack is a part of or even in charge of the sex-trafficking ring.

If this is the case it will mean scandal for "Newman Enterprises "and also the Newman family. Abby will be shocked and Victor and Victoria will no doubt question her judgment. Tessa's past will also come to light. Was she forced into prostitution, or did she assist in recruiting other girls. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" to see how all of this unravels.