Chris Pratt and Anna Faris shook the entertainment industry when they announced that they were legally separating after eight years of being married. On Sunday, the celebrity couple released a joint statement to deliver the unfortunate news of their split to their fans.

The internet reacts to Chris and Anna's separation

Many of their fans, particularly those who had been following their love story, were saddened that the two are going separate ways.

Not much has been said about the separation as both Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have remained tight-lipped after the announcement.

The two also stated that they would like to treat the situation a private matter and asked the public to respect their decision.

Update on Chris and Anna's relationship after split announcement

Meanwhile, Patti Stanger, who is close to the former couple, claimed that the two are still living together even after separation. The "Million Dollar Matchmaker" star confirmed this during her interview with ET Online and confessed that she was "upset" when she learned about the split.

The TV personality said she immediately reached out to both actors when she saw Anna Faris' announcement in an Instagram post.

Although she does not intend to meddle with their business, Patti Stanger thought she could serve as the counselor of her "favorite" Hollywood couple and ask them the reason for the separation.

Patti Stanger added that she does not want to compel the couple to speak up, but she wanted to assure them that she is willing to offer help whenever they need it. She went on to say that there is still "a lot of hope" if Chris Pratt is still living in their family house.

When asked about the possible reason of the separation, the reality TV personality believed that it has something to do with communication.

Patti Stanger even guaranteed that the split was not fueled by Chris Pratt's rising popularity.

She also ruled out any possibilities of infidelity and assured that things can still be reversed if the celebrity couple still has feelings for each. "If the sexual chemistry is there and the friendship factor is there and they have a kid -- if you get the right person to handle it, it can retool itself," Patti Stanger said.

Representatives of both Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, however, clarified that Patti Stanger's comments are "invalid" since she is "not an authorized" person to speak on behalf of the two actors.