Spoiler alerts for "The young and the restless" indicate that the plan Phyllis had to get Billy and Victoria away from each other, is going to backfire. The former fiery redhead will see red when she ends up pushing Villy together. She will then be singing a new tune when she loses the man she so desperately wants to hold onto.

The best-laid plans of mice, men, and Phyllis

Phyllis Summers, Newman, Abbot had an idea, and like Mr. Grinch, it was a wonderful, awful idea. She believed that she could do something to keep Billy and Victoria apart. Logic and reasoning indicate that Villy will always be connected because they are former spouses, have three children they love, and work together at "Brash and Sassy." Phyllis lamented to Lauren on Thursday that something had to be done because Villy was working 15 hour days. She later spoke to business mogul Ben Hochman and suggested he might be a benefit to "Brash and Sassy.

On Friday, Ben called Victoria and invited her to dinner. Vicky accepted, and he picked her up at the "Brash and Sassy" office. Billy was there, and viewers could see he was skeptical of this new man in his ex-wife's life, but he was cordial. In the middle of the evening, Vicky began hearing Mr. Hochman's voice as if it were muffled. A few moments later she told him they needed to get out of there. They went back to his hotel where Victoria was all over this virtual stranger. Previews for Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" show them in bed together.

Phyllis does not want Billy to be a hero

Phyllis thought Ben Hochman could offer tips for Victoria to get her company back on track, hire more employees and lessen the load on her man.

Instead, Billy is going to become obsessed regarding Ben's motives towards Victoria and decide to look out for his ex-wife. Phyllis has already been telling her lover that Victoria is a big girl and does not need rescuing. Spoilers say that the presence of Ben Hochman, along with Vicky's erratic behavior, will cause Billy to want to be her hero.

There is no way the son of John Abbot will stand by and allow this business mogul to take advantage of his former spouse, who is also the mother of his children and step son.

Phyllis wants Billy to marry her, so she will be more than the other woman, but Billy will be able to detect that something is wrong with Victoria, and also that Ben Hochman is a low life.

Between "Brash and Sassy, the children, her medical condition and this new man in her life, Victoria will find Billy being more attentive. Spoiler alerts indicate Phyllis does not want her man to be Victoria's savior and she will have the attitude of the song: "Billy don't be a hero, come back and make me your wife." Spoilers also say that when he finds out that Phyllis set up Victoria and Ben, it may be the end of their relationship, so Villy fans keep your hopes up.