Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Billy Abbott will be torn between the two women in his life this summer. His fear of not living up to the expectations of his ex-wife sent him into the waiting arms of his brother's wife. Billy will have to decide what matters most to him -- the emotional high that Phyllis offers or the stability that comes from being with Victoria and the children.

Billy has an addictive personality

Victoria has had to deal with a lot while married to Billy because of his addictive personality. He has had issues with both gambling and drinking.

The first time he and Phyllis hooked up she was still married to his brother Jack. Billy seems to like a thrill that gets his adrenaline pumping. Phyllis is his current drug of choice. They are constantly going at it in odd places such as coat rooms and elevators. After a while, however, the lust will subside, and what will they have to sustain them at that point? The wild ride will come to an end, and, more than likely, so will the relationship.

Victoria is Victor Newman's daughter and her father hates Billy. This is a sore spot between them and one reason why Billy feels he can never be the man she deserves. He loves her and the children and will always be there for them, but will he choose her over Phyllis?

When the sizzle goes out of the forbidden affair will stability be enough to tame Billy's wanderlust? Phyllis is not going down without a fight so this love triangle will be pretty interesting.

Fans prefer Billy and Victoria

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" have indicated that they prefer Billy Abbott with his ex-wife. His mother Jill feels the same way and continues to try to push them together.

Victor Newman wants his daughter far away from the father of her children. Victoria and Billy almost reconciled earlier this year but she pushed him away to keep from telling him about some Newman family drama. Spoiler alerts do not give details but something will probably happen that causes Billy and his ex-wife to become more involved in each other's lives.

Based on her past history Phyllis will more than likely be over the top with jealousy and act out in a childish manner. With Victoria and Jill against her, plus Billy's love for his children, Phyllis is going to feel her grip on her man slipping. Neither she nor the great Victor Newman can stand in the way of the love between Billy and Victoria, and it will win out over his lust for his brother's ex-wife.

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