Thursday on "The Young and the Restless" both Cane and Faith fall victim to the manipulation of others. Mr. Ashby cannot seem to get away from Jordan, while little Ms. Newman is devastated by the decisions the adults in her life have been making.

Faith returns home to disheartening news

Victor decided to pick up his granddaughter from summer camp himself. On the drive back to Genoa City, he fills her in on the changes she will be facing once she is back home. He tells her that Nick has moved off the ranch, and in with Chelsea and that her grandmother Nikki is now living on her own.

Faith says she is worried that her Grandpa will be all alone on the ranch, and that is exactly what Victor wants.

Just as Nick is telling Sharon that their daughter will spend time between her home and Chelsea's, Victor is manipulating her into wanting to stay at the ranch with him. When she hears that her dad had moved into Chelsea's place Faith looks dejected and it is obvious she does not like it. She loves her grandpa and Victor is counting on that to get her to live with him instead of Nick.

Cane's world is turned upside down

Everywhere Cane Ashby turns, Jordan is being thrown in his face. He ran into Hilary who told him that Lily and Jordan were getting cozy, and she went out of her way to insist that there was more than friendship between them.

Cane tells her that he knows Jordan broke up with her and she is afraid he will now turn his interest to Lily. And refuses to Hilary's continued warnings Later Cane is talking to Neil who tells him that despite our best efforts, things do not always work out

It's as if he is preparing his son in law for the possibility that Lily will not reconcile with him.

Neil then tells Cane that "Hamilton Winters" gave "Brash and Sassy," the funding they needed, and that the "Dare" campaign is back on. He adds rather cautiously Jordan and Lily will be working together again. The worst shock comes when Cane is about to enter his home, and he can see his family at the dinner table.

As they are eating, Lily and the twins are laughing and talking with Jordan who is sitting in Cane's seat at the head of the table.

Cane backs out of the house, without ever being noticed, and stands near the door with a fist clenched. The look on his face indicates he is determined to do all he can to win back his family's trust.

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