The bookworms and television fanatics alike are all waiting for George R.R. Martin to finish and release “The Winds Of Winter.” The sixth installment in “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series has been six years in the making, and it is taking longer than expected.

In fact, the 68-year-old novelist himself noticed that his new book takes a long time to be finished. It looks like even his publisher itself already forgot him as he hasn’t published the sixth novel yet after “A Dance with Dragons” release in July 2011.

A funny story about the books’ gap

George R.R. Martin made fun of himself when he visited his publisher in New York City. As it takes a long while before “The Winds of Winter” gets published finally, it seems like the publishing company doesn’t know him anymore.

In a Twitter post, the author shared a screenshot of his funny story. "I am in New York City,” the note started. He then narrated that everywhere he goes, people know him, approaching and stopping him to ask for photos with him. However, when he gets to his publisher’s offices, they simply cannot recognize him as the companies’ security guards are stopping him and asking to see his identification cards.

Fans’ reaction and plead

Of course, George R.R.

Martin’s followers react to his funny story. Aside from the reactions, they also demand “The Winds of Winter” update and asking for the book’s release date.

One Twitter user said that the security guard probably doubts if he is still working for the publishing company knowing that years have passed after “A Dance with Dragons” has been out.

“They have forgotten about you. Totally legit,” another one said.

One of his followers also advised him that if he would be showing himself more often in the office, then they might not forget him. This fan even pleaded that he should drop the manuscript of the much-awaited book. One of these users even used the hashtag "Release the Book."

Teasing book/s’ to be released

Aside from “The Winds of Winter,” George R.R.

Martin is also busy finishing a book about the Targaryen family' history titled “Fire and Blood.”

To give an update to his fans, long-awaiting bookworms, and “Game of Thrones” followers, he wrote on his Not a Blog page that he is still working on “A Song of Ice and Fire” sixth novel. “I am still months away,” he revealed. However, he is still having good and bad days that take him longer to finish the book. But, he assured that he will be releasing a “Westeros book” in 2018. “Who knows, maybe two,” he teased.