Aisha Tyler announced on June 15 that she would be leaving "The Talk" on CBS at the end of the season after six years. She was very emotional when she made the announcement a couple of months ago. Certainly, emotions were high and there were plenty of tears on her last day on Friday, August 4, 2017.

Reasons for leaving

Aisha is currently working on three other series. She recently became a regular on "Criminal Minds" where she previously had only a guest role. The 46-year-old television personality hosts "Whose Line Is It Anyway." She lends her voice to a character on the animated show, "Archer." If those assignments aren't enough, she is a stand-up comedienne.

When Aisha had the opportunity to direct a feature film, she jumped at the chance because that has always been her passion. She filmed her first movie over a nine-day break in May 2016. The thriller, "Axis," is due to be released before the end of this year.

Tyler had to make the tough decision to let something go. Since "The Talk" films 11 months of the year, she decided to give up the talk show that she loves so much. She did promise her co-hosts, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne and moderator Julie Chen that she will be back as a guest to promote her projects.

Tyler's last day

At the beginning of "The Talk" on Aisha's last day, the women were emotional as they shared speeches and clips about Aisha's tenure as a co-host.

They took turns telling Aisha how much she has impacted their lives. When Julie had her turn she told Aisha how appreciative she was for having Aisha sitting to the right, holding her hand and touching her during trying times on the show. Julie admitted that she is not a person who usually touches, but she showed clips of the numerous times she and Aisha have touched each other and held hands over the years.

Then she kissed Aisha on the lips while saying she loves her.

At the end of Tyler's last day, her co-hosts presented her with gifts that represent her career as a director.

The gifts included a director's chair with her name printed on it, a clapper board, director's horn and other items.

It will be interesting to see how Aisha's absence will impact the dynamics of the show. It was reported that the producers are not going to rush into hiring a permanent replacement. They are considering using guest co-hosts for the time being. "The Talk" just completed its seventh season and will return in the Fall.