The Duggar family is known for its traditional values and their unique way of dating called courting. During this process, the children who are courting are not allowed to hold hands or make contact in any way, apart from the famed "side-hug." They are always with a chaperone until their wedding day and share their first kiss on the altar in front of family and friends on when they tie the knot. And one thing the Duggar family is also known for is their joint bachelor/bachelorette parties, which may seem strange to some, but they use it as a way of bonding between the couple and their family and friends.

Inside Kendra and Joseph's joint party

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar, who got engaged during Joy-Anna Duggar's wedding, are about to tie the knot this October. However, some speculate that Kendra's registry listing October as the wedding date as a ploy to keep the crowds away from them and so that they pair get a little more privacy. But following in the tradition of Joseph's sisters, Joy-Anna and Jessa, the pair decided to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party on a lake. The pair spent their time on a pontoon, waterskiing and going on a speed boat.

Joseph stated, "We ended up doing the water skiing and tubing for our joint bachelor/bachelorette party because Kendra loves the water and I just enjoy doing whatever she's doing."

It was recently found out, however, that Joseph Duggar actually isn't a fan of the water and is kind of scared of it, so he decided to do it for the sake of Kendra.

That is definitely true love.

About the couple

It has been rumored that Kendra met Joseph while she was courting his younger brother Jedidiah. She then met Joseph and fell head over heels, when her relationship with Jedidiah was just in its infancy. It has been stated that Jedidiah was actually angry at Joseph for quite some time after the couple starting courting, but eventually forgave his older brother after giving him a note expressing his feelings.

Although the Duggars appear to be perfect on the surface, this is apparently one of the secrets a producer leaked to the press after leaving the show. While the TLC family appears to get along perfectly, they highlighted that this isn't necessarily the case within the family unit, and spats like this one were not shown on the television show in order to keep the appearance of the family being perfectly wholesome.

It is not known whether the pair is determined to have a baby immediately after they marry or not.