This week’s episode of "The Haves and the Have Nots" was entitled "Kate" and viewers found out why it was so named. Fans saw that in one scene things became tense between Jim Cryer and his estranged wife Katheryn. Jim found out where she was living, and he arrived unexpectedly. She tried to get him out of her house, but he seduced her. It was disappointing to many people to see that she gave in to his caresses. In the moment of passion, he called her "Kate."

Of course, that is the shortened form of her name, but Jim used it as a term of endearment to get her to give in to his wishes and it worked.

The two of them ended up in bed together. The next morning Katheryn resumed the argument she was having with him the night before they became intimate.

Jim is trying to persuade Katheryn to have a meeting with him, Veronica and David to get their stories straight about Jennifer Sallison's murder. Katheryn said she wasn't interested in a meeting with the others even though she is the one who shot the district attorney several times, causing her death. Katheryn retaliated against Sallison because she arranged for Wyatt to get his inheritance.

Warlock was killed

At the insistence of Candace, Mitch saw to it that Warlock was killed. Mama Rose was delighted because she had been looking for War to have him killed anyway.

Mama Rose was pleased that her grandson had finally joined the rest of the family to get even with people by killing them. Up to now, Mitch had refused to be involved. Mitch changed because of his relationship with Candace.

Hanna couldn't pray

Hanna is grieving so much she couldn't pray. After she picked Benny up from the police station, he wanted to go to church to pray.

Hanna refused. Then her son asked her to pray with them while they were sitting in the car. Hanna refused. Then Benny began to pray "The Lord's Prayer." He struggled through it by himself while stopping periodically to ask his mother to join him. Yet Hanna still refused.

Throughout all seasons of the series, Hanna has been a strong woman of faith.

She has been seen many times praying for herself and others. However, this is the one time that she seemed to have lost her faith and didn't open her mouth to pray even when Benny literally begged her to pray with him. She appeared to be numb. Other than the grief, she is also thinking about how her daughter blames her for Quincy Jr.'s death. Candace told her mother that she wished she had died instead of her son.

Will the finale include a funeral?

There are so many loose ends that viewers are wondering how the season will end and what will be the cliffhanger. Little Q was killed at the end of last season, and he hasn't been buried yet. Will Tyler Perry let him be buried and rest in peace before the season ends?

Watch the finale of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" on Tuesday, September 5 on OWN.