"Little People Big World" star Amy Roloff received backlash for hitting the road with boyfriend Chris Malek. This is because her daughter-in-law is about to give birth, yet Amy took the time to be away from her family.

Amy to miss the birth of granddaughter

Last Friday, Amy Roloff shared on Instagram that she and Chris will be on a road trip, visiting several places, including Oregon, Washington, and Canada. But with Audrey Roloff's due date approaching, she might miss the birth of her granddaughter. Audrey's due date is today, but she could go into labor later.

"Very shocked you are going out of town with the new baby to arrive soon," one fan wrote. "NOTHING & NO ONE would keep me AWAY from being THERE when a grandchild is being BORN! But then, Zach has always been your favorite, since he is your only dwarf child," another one added.

The road trip with her boyfriend also fueled speculations that Amy and Audrey have not been going along so well. According to Radar Online, their relationship turned sour when Amy and Matt divorced last year, which is against Audrey's beliefs as a devout Christian.

Matt and Zach were also out of town. Matt is on a business trip while Zach is out to meet Tori's grandparents. They took planes and it would be easier for them to get a return flight and be there immediately for the arrival of Jeremy's baby, per The Hollywood Gossip.

Let her live her life

But since grandparents are not really expected to be there on the delivery day, many "Little People Big World" fans expressed their support for Amy taking a vacation. "Hope you're having an exciting trip with Chris! You deserve happiness just as much as everyone else," said one comment. "If you're true fans of the show you would know that Amy is a loving caring mother/ grandmother and when the time comes she will be there for Audrey and her granddaughter," said another fan.

Amy responds to negative comments

Amy did not lose her cool amid the ongoing criticisms about her being away from Jeremy and Audrey. She took time to respond and wrote on Facebook, "Just because I and my family put our lives on tv doesn't mean respect decency and kindness goes out the window."

"Matt is away, Zach and Tori and myself.

We love Jer and Auj and can't wait to meet baby girl. She could arrive early, on time or late. We'll all be there to love her bunches," she added. Amy also thanked fans for the support and thoughts on her post, about the show and her family.

"Little People Big World" is set to return for another season, but the premiere date is yet to be announced.