It's time to talk about Jason Dent in the "Big Brother 19" house. The Rodeo Clown with a wife and a son. And don't forget about the baby on the way. He has been a solid player all season but had blended into the background. Now, with one comment, he is one of the leading topics from the hit reality show.

The following may contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you want to be surprised by what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

Jason came into the house being himself. While several houseguests didn't want to be honest about their real life, Jason was sporting his hat and boots and announced he was a Rodeo Clown.

He has told so many stories to the other houseguests about his rodeo experiences and how he became a clown, to begin with.

Jason is a down to earth guy

When Jason won his first Head of Household on Double Eviction night, he didn't get the room but he got the basket and his letter from home. Holly, his wife of 12 years, wrote to him that she was pregnant with their second child. Jason won the hearts of "Big Brother 19" fans everywhere with his emotional reaction. Now he had everyone watching him and it was looking like we might be seeing America's Favorite Player surface in the bunch.

Jason has had the full experience of "Big Brother 19" as he has twice been stuck into a costume. He was a V-Toad with Jody and later he was X-treme.

Both times, he laughed and played along, never once breaking the rules of the punishment. He has been good for his word until this week when he left Maven sitting on the block and didn't use his Power of Veto. Considering the option was to backdoor Kevin, it was the right move for his game, however. Now if he had chosen to backdoor Paul, cheers would have erupted across America.

A very bad joke and poor judgment -- we all make mistakes

When the chaos started in the "Big Brother 19" house after the Veto Ceremony, it got very heated, very fast. As things were settling down, Jason made a joke about what the worst thing he could say to Kevin was. While laughing, he said he would have sex with Kevin's wife with his daughters tied up and watching.

It was inappropriate and it was bad. It was disrespectful to Kevin and his family, to Jason's family, and to "Big Brother 19" fans. Even his family has issued apologies for his poor choice of words.

Here's the thing. The cameras roll all the time. Even when the feeds are down, "Big Brother" is watching. This summer alone houseguests have used horrible curse words to describe each other behind the back of the one being talked about at the moment. We have rules being broken, showing zero respect for the game. There is a compulsive liar that has done despicable things like take a Make A Wish Foundation wish, instead of leaving it for a child who was actually terminally ill. There has again this season been sexual hookups with the showmances, showing their character for engaging in sex while being watched on live feeds. Jason opened his mouth and said something very, very stupid that he didn't mean. This first and only issue with Jason all summer isn't enough to crucify him.