A guest on the "Dr. Oz" show that aired on Tuesday, August 8 explained how taking a shower in cold water can invigorate the body and help a person Lose Weight. The information is good to know, but it doesn't sound like a fun experience.

Take cold showers to lose weight

Scott Carney was the guest who talked about taking a shower in freezing cold water to lose weight and boost the immune system. He explained that most people live in a 72-degree comfort zone without giving their bodies a chance to adapt to extreme temperatures to stimulate them. He is convinced that changing the temperature of the body will also change the metabolism that will help people burn calories and lose weight.

Dr. Oz spoke with two women who had experimented with taking cold showers. They both said they noticed a boost in energy, but they didn't stay in the shower long enough for their metabolism to rise. Also, they did it only once. They agreed though that if they did it on a consistent basis, they would probably see a weight loss. Clips were shown of the two women taking cold showers while screaming the entire time.

A video was shown of Scott shoveling snow wearing nothing but underwear. He didn't even have shoes on. After he had shoveled the snow, he made a snow angel still wearing nothing but his underwear.

Benefits of freezing cold water

Dr. Oz's guest expert believes in the "fight or flight" concept.

He says when your body comes in contact with freezing water, the fight or flight response is activated in the brain. Then your heart will pump blood faster to the key organs in the body. After a short time, your immune system adapts to the change, and you become used to cold water. The same principle exists when you get into the pool, and the water is cold.

After a while, it doesn't feel so cold anymore. That's because the body adjusts to the temperature, and the cold temperature definitely will result in a faster metabolism and higher energy.

While a lot of people would like to lose weight, they believe it is torture to take a freezing cold shower. Standing naked in freezing water for even five minutes is a turn-off for many.

Not only does taking cold showers boost metabolism to help people lose weight, but it also helps people overcome depression, increase circulation, and see an improvement in their hair and skin. Most people don't think about this when they are under freezing water, but it is less expensive to take a cold shower than a hot shower.

Would you take a cold shower for the benefits?