The most recent episode of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" on January 31, 2017 was packed with stories involving almost every character on the show. There was something involving all the main characters and some of the recurring characters as well. It is interesting how Tyler Perry used a method of relating everybody's problem to someone else's issue.

Summary of episode

Let's start with Candace Young, since her problems are linked to so many other people. Candace and Jeffery met with Veronica Harrington who promised to help them get out of trouble with the law after killing Quincy a couple of seasons ago and burying him in Candace's backyard.

The police have found the body.

Veronica is evil, but throughout the seasons everyone has admitted that she is a brilliant lawyer. Even Candace admitted it when Veronica found a loophole that may help her and Jeffery get away with murder. Candace might get out of that trouble, but War is out of jail and trying to find her. When he does, he intends to kill her because he thinks she set him up, but it was Mitch who planted the drugs in his car.

Jim Cryer patched up the wound in Katheryn's arm and persuaded her to tell him the truth. Up to now, she has insisted that Veronica killed the DA, but Katheryn finally admitted to Jim that she was the one who did it. When Jim tells David the truth, David seemed relieved that it wasn't his estranged wife.

David tells Jim that Mama Rose is going to help them clean up the mess. The two judges are involved in a plan to blame it on someone else.

In the meantime, Wyatt is so desperate for drugs that he goes looking for some in the neighborhood of Quincy's sister, La Quita and her friends. They hold him at gun point, take his money, and makes him drive them to his expensive place where they take over while Wyatt is curled up on the couch in need of a fix.

Veronica and Erica

When Veronica met Candace and Jeffery at the hotel, she also schemed to find out who Erica was, since she was staying at the same hotel. At the end of the episode, Erica was on the phone thanking David for flowers she thought he sent. David didn't send flowers, and he realized it must have been Veronica. David tells Erica to throw the flowers away.

She opens the door to get rid of the flowers and standing there was Veronica.

Did you watch last night's episode? What do you think about how Tyler Perry intertwined everybody's problem with someone else's problem?